Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Birthday of One, and the Birth of Another

I can't believe it's been over three months since I last blogged. I've got so much to catch up on!

Before I do, I want to share yesterday. It was Josiah's birthday. The big 0-4, and I bought you a Transformer that none of us can figure out how to transform (we need a 10 year old to help us), a board game with lots of pieces (apparently I blanked out when buying this for piece is already in the vacuum), and this awesome hat. You thought it was great, too...for about 7 minutes. Whether you like it or not I'm making you wear it for every birthday until you're 37. It will be a tradition that you make fun of me for when you're older. And I'm OK with that.

Papa and Nana took you out to McDonalds, bought you a Diego card that sings--loudly--, and gave you a karate outfit for "Hiking Buddy," which is what you really wanted. You and big brother are currently using the different colored belts to arrest your bears and blindfold them. And, by the way, you claim that you can already jump higher and run faster than when you were merely three.

I marveled at how much has changed, and yet stayed the same since last year this time. As usual, orange sweet rolls were still a big hit. But there was something definitely different about this year: a new brother, who doesn't seem so new at this point. It's like we've always had the little guy. I can't remember what it was like without him a year ago.

Daddy went to work at 2pm, leaving me to fend by myself. I had a really bad afternoon. Gideon was really grumpy and tired and wouldn't nap, you kids were fighting, I was trying to make dinner, was getting phone calls for your birthday and about Aunt Paula being admitted into the hospital, trying to make chocolate chip cookies that I promised for Awana tonight, had alfredo sauce boiling over, Levi fell off a chair sending both him and Gideon into tears, etc. It was literally so bad that I gathered the three of you up and I prayed.

We sat down to dinner and the whining started, I had to cut everyone's food, Gideon was miserable and teething, and you spilled your water (of course). Still putting cookies in the oven, answering phone calls....

And then Levi, you told Josiah, "You need to get saved." Daddy and I had been praying for you to get saved and here you were "preaching" salvation to your brother. That brought up a conversation about your own salvation.

Long story short: in the middle of mayhem, God saved you, and I had the greatest privilege in the world to lead you. It's amazing how God's still voice pierced through the chaos of the day. As Nana said (and I agree), Satan was doing his best to not let it happen, but God prevailed. He spoke to your little heart despite the mayhem that was happening at the same time.

You were so excited, you had no trouble telling everyone you could think to tell, even speaking into the microphone in front of the choir to tell them too. You had always been too shy to speak into it before, but you were bold that night. When I asked you if I could share with the choir the good news, you asked me if you could do it yourself. I hope you remember the sound of all the saints in that room that rejoiced with you that moment. Today you asked me to read from the Bible about salvation. I read to you John 3:14-17 and you said, "I did that!" Sweet boy, happy spiritual birthday to you.

It was a happy happy day, indeed.


  1. Papa and Nana said "One down and three to go and then God can take us home"...

  2. JoAnna! I love the way you write this TO your kids. It makes a big lump well up in my throught. I look forward to many more posts from you.